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Where to get the urgent laptop repair in Dubai?

Improper use, software crashes, mechanical damage — it's not the complete list of factors why the laptops are out of service. It's unpleasant when the laptop is damaged but the years of our engineer's experience prove that in 99% of cases it can be easily solved. 800fixing service center performs high-quality laptop repair in Dubai at an affordable price.

Laptop Repair Pricing:

Type of Service Price Time
Laptop screen replacement+1 Year Warranty 450 1 Day
Laptop screen replacement 350 1 Day
Laptop keyboard replacement 250 1 Day
Laptop hard drive replacement 400 1-2 Days
Laptop body part repair 200 2-5 Days
Laptop motherboard repair 450 1-7 Days
Laptop battery replacement external 120 1 Day
Laptop battery replacement internal 350 1 Day
Replacement of thermal paste 350 1-2 Days
Upgrade the RAM in laptop 300 1 Day
Cleaning from Dust, Prevention 150 1-2Hrs
New laptop setup 150 1Hr
Installing software in laptop 150 1Hr
Remote Support for laptop 200 30 Minutes

You can avail Free Pickup and Delivery or Visit Our Service Centre with the above Price List.
*Price my different with different models, please talk to our agent before place an order.

** we use only premium quality parts
** Diagnosis need to complete to give you the final price

If your laptop is damaged, it is not recommended to repair it yourself. For the high-quality device capacity restoring the professional skills in the field and the special equipment required. For many years 800fixing Service Center has been successfully performing the diagnostics of the laptops of any brands. Highly skilled 800fixing engineers have the huge background and experience that ensures the quality of your laptop repair in Dubai.


Most common damages in Laptop

Based on our experience over the years, we have been able to collect statistics on the most common defects the laptop owners can have. Here is the ranking list of the most popular damages:

  • Video card overheating and closing in the motherboard;
  • Laptop Screen is broken;
  • Laptop does not keep the battery charges;
  • DDR memory modules do not function;
  • USB ports damage;
  • Ingress of water on the device keyboard;
  • Power supply damage. 35% of our service center customers have this problem;
  • PC does not charge. This problem happens because of the charging slot breach or the battery failure;
  • Keys damage. It mostly happens because of the inaccurate use of the keyboard, unnecessary efforts while typing, or low-quality components;
  • Device overheating due to the contaminated cooling system;
  • Windows failure.

Our team will install the operating system in a couple of hours!

Repair works order in our service center

  • at 800fixing service center, the customer support agent will make out an in-take-form(contract between the company and the customer to provide the service), the form will define the details about the external condition of the laptop, the defect description, the customer's contact information, etc.;
  • immediately after the diagnostics, the manager will contact you to report the test results and the cost of further repair;
  • when the repair works are completed, the customer gets the SMS with a status and cost;
  • when you come to the service center, you will test your laptop's look and performance, and only after that, you'll pay for it, and the most important thing is that we don't take money in advance;
  • after payment, we will give you a check and 1-year warranty.


The laptop diagnostics and repair cost in 800fixing Service Center

Your favorite laptop is broken, and you don't know what to do in this situation? Our team of professionals will gladly help you to solve the problem with any device! We will do everything with high quality and quickly, provide the warranty and a free consultation, and what is the most important, will bring a good mood and break all the myths and stereotypes about the repair shops. In 70% of cases, we restore the PC capacity in 1 to 3 days! To determine the final cost of your laptop repair, the detailed diagnostics are needed, and it is completely free of charge at our service center.

Why should you come to our service center?

Our main advantage is the team of highly qualified professionals. Helpful staff and experienced engineers. Our service center is fitted with the modern equipment for free diagnostics and laptop repair in Dubai. We use the original components. The location of our service centers is also important.

We are always happy to help you solve any problems!


Our Services

Replacing the laptop's backlight
Cleaning the laptop from dust
Replacement of thermal pad of laptop
Cleaning the laptop after flooding
Replacing the laptop batterу
Replacing laptop screen
Repair and replace the video card in laptop 
Repair of the cooling sуstem in Laptop 
Replacing the hard drive in laptop
Repair laptop motherboard 
Replacing laptop keуboard
Replacing laptop speakers 
Replacing the memory of the laptop 
Windows installation
Cleaning the laptop against viruses
Installing software in laptop 
Upgrade your laptop
Recover laptop data
Re-flashing bios in laptop
Replacing laptop cooler 
Replacing laptop Processor 
Cleaning laptop keуboard 
USB port replacement in laptop 
Repair laptop power supplу
Laptop body repair
Replacement of webcam in laptop
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